Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today is a good day

Just spent the whole weekend (literally 24 hours) scrapbooking with my Sister in laws and friends. Nothing better than a little down time from the life of being a mom. Thanks to all for a fabulous weekend, and thanks to my hubby for taking Tyler.

Got a ton of pages done scrapbooking and now all I need to do is journal, I love when I feel totally caught up and on top of things. Plus I helped my sis in law a ton, well I hope I did anyway.

Just got back from church and I feel totally rejuvenated. I love when the lesson applies directly to my life and I feel the spirit so strongly. I seriously don't know how I would survive without the gospel.

Love, love, love that my little boy is finally potty trained. Finally no more worries and carrying around 12 sets of clothes just in case. Mommy's so proud of you baby.

Love to come home from church and get in my pj's and lounge around for the rest of the day. Not having to worry about the house or laundry, because that will all come tomorrow. I was gone all weekend after all.

Just found a very dear and close friend that I haven't talked to for quite sometime on facebook. I am so grateful I have been wondering about them for awhile and it's so good to get back in touch.

I just can't stop smiling today, for today is a good day.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A good Read

I recently got this book for my Birthday and I was so excited, I have heard many good things about it, and I have wanted it for awhile. It's a good, solid read with lots of parenting insight. I have learned a lot from it, but also felt like I have been implementing most of this into parenting already. But I am always looking for suggestions and what to do about certain things. If I can just remember to think before I react and try to change the situation to a positive rather than a negative then I'm in good shape. I have already tried some of the techniques and have noticed a world of difference. One of the reasons I like this book it that it offers many situations and the dialogue on how to approach them. I'm sure I will refer back to this book often and if any of you want to read it your welcome to borrow it. I even got my husband to read some of it, and he liked what he has read so far.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A new Incentive

Although I wanted Tyler to be potty trained about 6 months ago, clearly he was not ready. And it was just making for a very miserable day for both of us. So I decided to put it on hold for awhile. We tried the "How to potty train in 3 days", but I've come to the conclusion that I'm not a very patient person, at least when it comes to potty training. The accidents drive me nuts, so I resolved myself to the fact that he will do it when he is ready. He knows he has to be potty trained before preschool this fall. Over the past month or so he has went to the potty several times, but didn't want to wear underwear, so I didn't fight him on it. Now some might say that I am letting my 3 year old control me...while this is true this is one thing I am willing to let him take control of, because I just can't deal with all the mess and laundry that comes with it. Well one day he woke up and stated that he wanted to wear underwear, and went and put them on himself. He did pretty good, I would remind him every now and again to make sure to go potty, and when he had too many accidents he went back in a diaper. But over the past few days, he has decided to be a BIG BOY. He finally went poop in the toilet...oh my gosh, I never thought I would be so happy in my life. He's very independent and likes to do it himself, most the time he doesn't even tell us, he just goes. So as a reward for this big step, we went and got Buzz Lightyear that he has been wanting since December (after Grandma got him Toy Story for Christmas). I told him he can keep Buzz if he keeps going potty, but if he's not going to be a BIG BOY then Buzz has to stay on the fridge until he decides he's ready. So far he has been able to keep Buzz and he is doing very well. I am so excited for my little man, but it's just one more reminder that he's growing up. And cross your fingers for us that we have made it to the end of the potty training road. I know many of you have children that have already accomplished this, so thanks for bearing with me while I brag about my little guy. And for those of you who haven't...I'm so sorry and I wish you the best of luck. I really hate potty training.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A child's Prayer

Whenever I am struggling or just feeling sad, these words come to my mind

Heavenly Father are you really there?
And do you hear and answer every child's prayer?
Some say that Heaven is far away,
but I feel it close around my as I pray.
Heavenly father I remember now,
something that Jesus told disciples long ago
suffer the children to come to me,
Father in prayer I'm coming down to Thee.

Pray, He is there. Speak, he is listening
You are his Child, His Love now surrounds you
He hears your prayer, he loves the children
Of such is the kingdom, the kingdom of Heav'n.

I love the meaning this song has, and how when we sometimes feel discouraged we can simply remember if we ask Heavenly Father if he is there, and to be there for us, and He WILL. This song is so comforting to me, it's my favorite primary song and I sing it often. I have even started to sing it to Tyler to calm him down. Instantly I feel closer to heavenly father. I'm grateful for prayer and for the blessing that comes from it. I love to hear my little boy pray, and as he is getting older he can say what he wants and not just what we tell him. A cute thing the other day when he was praying.

Tyler: Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day
Thank you for me, Help mommy and daddy to listen to me,
Help me to be a good boy. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Such a simple prayer, but so sweet coming from a 3 year old.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Decor and some texture

I don't consider myself a great home decorator, but I do love it when I get something new to put in my house. It always makes me feel like it is becoming more of a home. I recently made a trip to Tai pan and picked up a few new things. Kev gave me a GC for my birthday, so I didn't even have to feel guilty about spending $. Of course there are a million things I still want to do to my house, but for now these will have to do.

These textured balls now have a home on our Kitchen table, they sit in a square dish, and they add a lot to our otherwise boring table.

A plate rack also for my Kitchen, I don't really have a color scheme in my Kitchen, but I do have hints of red, so therefore the red plate, and the yellow one I just thought looked good with it.

This is something I had in our other house, but just another example of red in our home. I am also a huge fan of stars (also purchased from Tai Pan) and making things to decorate my home. I love these family blocks I took a class at Heartland Paper, but picked out all of the supplies to match my home specifically.