Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aiden's Birth Story

We welcome baby Aiden John Shipp
Born September 29, 2010
7:13am 6lb 5oz 19in long

Just to warn you long post...
I guess it's time I finally post the details about Aiden's birth, mostly so I can remember it and to share it with him. Aiden was not due until October 7, 2010, but I had been going to my weekly check ups at the doctor and I was dilated to 2cm and 60% effaced 3 weeks before he was born. So we were trying to be prepared in case he decided to come early. But every week I went back and I was pretty much the same. One week before he was born I was a 2+ but still 60% so my doctor stripped my membranes and sent me home. That was a pretty miserable week, since I had developed a cold/allergies and could barley breath at night. So needless to say I wasn't getting much sleep and I was ready to be done with this pregnancy. But still nothing changed not even my contractions.

I went to the doctor's on September 28th and I was still measuring the same. So my doctor asked me when I wanted to have this baby? I told him anytime I was ready. So he scheduled me for an induction 2 days later on Thursday, but told me he might have to change depending on his plans. So I went to pick up Tyler who had spent the night at grandma's. I got a call on my cell phone from the doctor's office they wanted me to come in on Wednesday instead since that would work better for my doctor. But the hospital wouldn't schedule an induction unless you were within 7 days of your due date and I would have been 8 days. So the new plan was to go to his office the next morning and he was going to break my water and then send me down to the hospital. I was a little nervous about this but glad that I would be at the hospital and could get the epidural quicker.

I ended up leaving Tyler with grandma since we would be going in the next morning. And Kev and I had a nice quiet evening together, we went out to dinner and got frozen yogurt that was delicious. We went to bed about 11pm and our bags were packed, ready to meet this little guy the next day. I was actually sleeping really good that night, the first time I woke up was about 2:45am. I had to go to the bathroom (which is usually 4-5 times at night at this point) and my water broke. It wasn't quite as obvious as it was with Tyler so I waited a few minutes to make sure. The contractions hadn't hit hard yet either, but I finally decided to wake up Kev and head to the hospital. Of course he was disoriented but at least he wasn't sick this time and drugged up on NyQuil.

We got to the hospital around 3:30am, we checked in and they got us in a room. At this point I was barley 4cm and 70%, it took about 2 hours to get everything settled and the epidural going. I didn't feel as numb as I did with Ty, my legs were tingling but I could still move them. The nurse left about 5:30am and said she would be back in an hour to check me. It was quiet and I even started to dose off, my contractions were not consistent anywhere from 1-6min apart. She came back around 6:30am to check me and I was 8cm and fully effaced. I was a little shocked that it happened so quick. I thought for sure it would be awhile since my contractions were still all over the place. She said my doctor usually got to the hospital around 7am so she would come back then. The last half hour was painful even with the epidural the contractions were strong and were coming every 2minutes. My doctor came in and said good morning...see what happens when we threaten an induction, they decide to come. He also said she is ready I can see the baby's head. He stepped out for a minute and the nurse said to push on the next contraction...I started to push as she counted to 6 then she told me to stop. She called my doctor back in and said it's time. He came back and I pushed with the next contraction and he was out. He was born at 7:13am, weighed in at 6lbs 5oz, was 19in long and had lots of dark hair.

One week old

We were amazed at how fast and easy he came I was only in labor for 4 hours! He's beautiful and we love him to pieces. The hospital stay was a lot different from last time, Kevin got to stay with me and we had our baby with us pretty much the whole time. The only minor complication was that Aiden had low blood sugar so they were checking it before every feeding. His poor little heels were so sore. We did have to supplement with formula but it quickly resolved itself and he is doing fabulous.

We went to his 2 week check this past week and he was up to 6lbs 14oz. and his pediatrician said everything looked great. I have a lot of milk again and it comes out fast so the poor guy can barley make it 5 min on each side and usually has to pull off to breath because he is drowning. He's started to spit up more and becoming more fussy with feedings so we are watching him for signs of acid reflux, but we are hoping that we don't have to deal with that again. But if so I guess this time we know what to expect.

Two weeks old (I love the yawn)
Tyler loves him very much and wants to hold him all the time, we have to be careful because he has picked him up a couple of times and tries to take him places. He also like to squeeze him real tight, and he thinks that he sleeps too much. But luckily Aiden sleeps through all the noise for now. We love him so much and feel so blessed to finally add to our family.