Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tiny Tots Soccer

We had our first soccer game on Saturday. Tyler has been waiting to play for over a year now, he has lots of cousins that play and of course he wanted to do what they were doing. Well the first soccer practice didn't go quite as planned, since Tyler has become very frightened of the wind, and it was windy that day (that's a whole other story). So we weren't sure what to expect at his first game, if he would even play at all.

We were off to a good start with practicing when we first got there. Grandma Teresa came to watch so of course Ty had to show off for her. Then he got tired and when it was time to start the game he didn't want to play. So we let him sit out first, along with the only girl on our team, she was a little shy.

Then when it was his turn to play he got out there and this was his stance. I'm pretty sure he thought it was football, because once the game started all the kids were huddled around the ball trying to kick it and Ty started tackling them. Daddy is going to have to work on that with him.

After four very long 8 minute quarters. Multiple children crying to their moms that they didn't get to kick it in the goal, and 2 very tired teams of 3 year olds, that was the end of our first game. Hopefully next game they will know more of what to expect, but as for us adults it was the funniest thing you could ever watch. If you have ever watched 3 years play sports before you'll know what I mean. But hey they we so proud of themselves when it was over and that's all that matters right.

Here is our team the Grasshoppers! They did pretty good for a first game, and we have some little go getters on our team.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back To School

I love this time of year...not only because it means that we are back on a schedule, and getting to bed earlier. But also because it means good deals all around. I think I've spent my limit this month in every department. This year has been fun because both Tyler and I will be going to school. So we went and picked up supplies at target, yeah good deals. Then we also went school shopping with my lil sis at the park city outlets. We had a blast finding deals and making Meisha try on tons of clothes. Didn't get that much for Ty, but came home and placed an order on also picked up some new jeans and a shirt for me, after all I need cute school clothes too, right. Not only in the clothing and supplies department are there deals, the grocery stores are having all sorts of back to school sales. I made 2 trips to Albertson's in the last week, and stocked up on fruit snacks, crackers, cereal, etc. then the next time they had a deal for $25 in free groceries, you can't pass that up. Of course they were mail in rebates, but who cares I have $30 coming to me in the mail in about 6 weeks, plus a lot of yummy food at home. Yeah!

Be sure to keep checking the ads there are deals all over right now, happy shopping!