Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Easter was a blast for Tyler this year. He loves coloring eggs so we colored 2 dozen, definitely more than we needed but it was fun for him. He spent a lot of time and was trying to makes different colors so it looked like the earth. Surprisingly he slept in that morning but when he did wake up and found out that the bunnies [he thinks that their is more than one] had hid all of his eggs he was so excited. He ran around and found all of them, saving his basket for very last.

And here he is with his basket, he finally got Alvin and the Chipmunks. He has been waiting for it to come out forever. He also got a zhu zhu pet, which was a lot of fun. but his favorite thing was the peeps. Seriously 99cent peeps. Sometimes I wonder why we go through all the trouble.

We were lucky enough to go on a couple of egg hunts. We had one on easter with my side of the family, and then the ward did one the week after. Luckily the weather was good for both of them.

Easter Sunday 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

so many things...

...and not enough time! Where do I even start?

Well I don't even know if I need to post about this because I'm pretty sure the whole world knows by now and if not you would if you saw me. But nonetheless we are very excited to be adding a little one to our family! It has been a long time coming and we couldn't be happier. It was a difficult journey for us, and took a lot longer than what we expected. We struggled getting little Tyler to our family, but we thought maybe the second time it would be a little easier. Well that was not the case, and we learned that things are definitely in the lords hands and we had to be patient for a lot longer than we were hoping. We still don't know all the reasons that we couldn't get pregnant on our own, which was partly so frustrating. So after almost 3 years of trying and going through all sorts of procedures, we decided to do IVF. It was intense and emotionally exhausting, but that could have been because we had been wanting this for so long. It was a huge trial of my faith and patience, as well as a very emotional road for me. I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to do IVF and that it was successful for us. I can't say if I would do it again or not, I just know that I am grateful for the opportunity to bare another child and I want to cherish every moment of it. I never pictured myself having a small family but after going through this trial yet again, I don't know if we will have more children or not. For now I am enjoying the fact that we will have two and that's all I need for now!

As for Tyler he is beyond excited and loves to tell people our "secret". He was one of the first to know since he was home with me at the time I found out. As soon as I told him he threw his arms around me and said "thank you mom, thank you so much" ! It melted my heart how happy he was to have a little brother or sister. He asks almost daily if his baby is going to be here yet. And has also informed me that he is not going to play in his room until his baby comes. I can already see the big brother protective side coming out. It's so sweet how much he already loves this baby and I can't wait to see them together.

The stats...

I have been way more sick, more tired, and more hormonal with this pregnancy.

I know it doesn't help that I'm still in school and I have a four year old who has more energy than the world combined. But I'm hanging in there.

I am now 14 weeks along and starting to feel a little better

I am growing quickly and can barley fit into my normal pants

I am still exhausted and would rather sleep than do anything else

I am as happy as can be and am loving this experience

Due October 7th...26 weeks to go!

[ now you understand the lack of blogging...I hope]