Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is better than being outside...

... playing in the water outside!
Tyler can't seem to get enough of being outside this summer. He would stay out there all day if we let him. He is always going to the door and saying "side", because he wants to go out. He loves the playground, especially the swings, and he's always ready to play in the water. He doesn't just want to play in the pool, he has to have the hose running and he has to be holding it. Popsicles are another favorite when we are outside and we eat them constantly. I'm sure we will have plently more outside pictures before the summer is over, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hollywood Connections

Here is another one of our fun outings this summer. We took the kids to Hollywood Connections. It was a blast...we did everything from rides to Miniture Golf and even Roller Skating. I haven't done that in awhile. We pushed the little ones around in the strollers and Tyler loved it. I would glance down at him and he would be dancing away to the music.

Here is Branson and Tyler wishing they could go on the bumper cars, but they were too little.
Tyler and mommy playing a round of golf, Ty had fun chasing the balls down and throwing them in the hole
I have two balls mom!

I Finished

I thought you would all want to know that I finished Twilight and New Moon and am eagerly waiting for Eclipse to come out. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the books at first, but I found them very intriguing. By the end of the first book I was hooked. Thanks Gina for making me read them. And who knows I might even try the Harry Potter books as well. That will make my little sister happy!

Fireworks, Popsicles & More

The Shipp Family
Tradition of going
to the Fireworks @
Eaglewood Golf Course.
One of our Favorite
things to do in the
summer. This year
we invited Grandma
& Pappa Tod to come
too. We had a blast!

All the Grandkids eating Popsicles at Grandma Shipp's house on the Fourth!

In June...

We went to Papa Tod's work Lagoon day, and it was HOT! Tyler really couldn't ride much besides the train and the Merry-go-round like last year. We didn't have anyone little enough to take him on anything. Kevin claims that he is getting too old, because almost everyride he went on made him sick afterwords. So I guess we are just not much of Lagoon people any more.

Tyler loves to play at the park, this is at our family reunion and he is as energetic as ever.

I wanted to take Tyler to play in the fountains at the Gateway, but he was a little to hesitant to get into the water so we mostly just watched.

Memorial Day Weekend

We also managed to slip away for a few days over Memorial Weekend, to go camping. Tyler had the time of his life and he wasn't clean for the entire trip. We all had a blast on the 4-wheelers, and everytime someone got on one to go ride, Tyler came running. Besides the camping trip we have spent as much time outside as possible, because Tyler can't get enough of it. We just use a lot of sunscreen and eat lots of popsicles. He loves to play in the water as long as it's on his terms. He wasn't that fond of the fountains at the Gateway, and he doesn't like big swimming pools. He just wants to stick his hand under running water and be in control of the hose.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer Fun

So, apparently it's the in thing to have a blog these days, and since I already send out pictures of Tyler every now and again, I thought maybe I should make it more fun for you guys to see. Just bare with me because I'm not really sure how this works yet.

An update...Well so far this summer we managed to take a quick trip to the Zoo with The Wilkey's. Tyler loves watching the animals, he can only say a few of their names and the noises they make, and he still gets them mixed up sometimes. Branson and Him (Second Cousins) are doing about the same things right now and it's fun having the two of them together.