Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer sum up

Once the rain finally let up, it got hot and fast. So we have mostly been trying to stay cool while playing outside and what better way than to go to the pool. Tyler loves the water, it usually takes him a minute to warm up, but then you can't get him out. We didn't do swim lessons this year, and I kind of wish we would have, but oh well there is always next year.

My favorite summer month is July there is always so much going on and so many fun things to do outside with friends and family. Between bbq's and fireworks and staying up late we have had a blast. We made a quick trip up to Idaho for a family reunion, kind of funny but it's the first time I've ever been to Idaho, (btw not impressed) and the first time Tyler left the state of Utah. I know pretty boring but that's our life. It was the same day as our neighborhood block party, but we stopped by for a little bit after we got back. Thanks to Melissa for the pics of the kids, love them. And no, Tyler isn't wearing lipstick in the below pic it's from and endless supply of doritos the kids were munching on during the fireworks. Kind of funny!

One of our family traditions every year is to go to Eaglewood golf course on the 3rd of July and watch fireworks with Kev's family. It's something Kev and I have been doing ever since we started dating, and we love going. The kids run all over the golf course and roll down the big hills. They have music and dancing, and this year Carmen Rasmussen from American Idol sang. We usually try to invite some friends to come along every year, and we just have a ball.

Here is Tyler with his cousin Jenniel playing with sparklers, he is so funny. He won't actually hold them himself, because he's afraid it will burn him, but if someone else holds it he's think they are great. Another favorite this year was popper's, kids never can get enough of those things.

And coming soon pictures and details from our family vacation with the Shipp's.