Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking Tyler Sledding

Kev had Presidents day off work, which was so great because he hasn't had a day off in a long time between school and work. So we decided to take Tyler sledding. He absolutley loved it! We had to get an inner tube, because believe it or not none of the stores had sleds left. So when we got there I had Kev go down the hill first to see how slippery it was...Tyler immediatley started laughing and squeling. He then started running down the hill after daddy, he was going so fast that he ended up falling and rolling a few times, but then he got up and started running again...this time he cried when he fell because he got scared. It was way too funny. We all decided to go down together, but we got going so fast that we all flew off and rolled around..after that we started only going half way up the hill, so that it was safer for Tyler. But he was having the time of his life, Kev and I were tired way before he was. As soon as we would get to the bottom of the hill, he would junp off and start running back up. The only bad thing was I could not find snowboots to fit his tiny feet, so we borrowed some from my Aunt, but they were 2 sizes to big, and kept falling off his feet. So towards the end his pour little feet were so cold that he just kept crying, because he didn't know how to tell us. So we had the make him go home, he wasn't to happy about that. All in all it was a fun filled day with our little family. Oh the last pic was Tyler trying to make snow angels, but the snow was more like ice so it didn't work to well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day...

I love because it's Valentines and so therfore considered the month of LOVE, and two because it's my birthday and what's better than that?
I just wanted to let my family and friends know how much I love them, and how especially grateful I am to them for helping me throught this difficult time. Especially to my Husband for being supportive and loving and always by my side. And to my mother what a wonderful woman she is and I couldn't do it without her. Thank you to everybody just for being you and for letting me know that I have people who care about me when I need them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Little American Idol

Ok..Ok so I haven't posted forever. I'm sorry to those of you who have been waiting for something new. So just like the rest of the world we have been watching American Idol, and Tyler absolutley loves it. He is so into music so he gets really excited when it comes on. Last night we were watching it and he ran into his room and grabbed a pipe looking thing that really goes to his play vacuum, but he said it was his microphone. And he immediatley started singing with the people on TV.

He is also really into Guitar Hero, who knew that at 2 years old it could be so entertaining? But he asks everyday if he can play "Cutar". We burrowed it from Kev's brother and have had it a little over a week, and Ty loves it. He was playing the other night and since he has no idea what he's doing he of course got boooed off the stage and he just busted up laughing because he thought it was funny what they were saying. What a crazy little man. So who knows maybe our little Tyler will be trying out for American Idol one day. Or maybe it's just a stage he'll grow out of, but right now he his totally enjoying it. He loves any kind of music as long as he can sing, dance and play guitar.