Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nap VS No Nap...

We have been struggling for some time with giving up the naps. For some reason I just can't seem to figure it out. My sweet little boy who is now 4 will still take naps 90% of the time. So why...would you give it up, some might say? If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share because I am so in between right now. Which is worse nap or no nap?

he fights it everyday but...
he will still take them 5 out of 7 days a week if we are home
he gets so bored during the day he needs that down time
he's up until 10 or 11:00 at night (big sigh)
he's so much happier when daddy comes home
It's been a lot harder now that I have school in the afternoons
he usually won't take a nap at someone else's house

No Nap
will go to bed right at 8pm and sleep until 8am
gets super hyper and crazy by 6:00pm
the melts downs start and the count down until bedtime begins
he starts falling asleep around 6-7:00pm
he gets frustrated when playing
I'm so exhausted just watching him that I'm ready for bed at 8pm
wants to watch TV all day because he's bored

Oh...why can't I still have both? Naps and and early bedtime, heaven knows I would love that for myself right now. Kids just don't realize how lucky they are. I love that my little guy is growing up and is much more independent. That he can make his own decisions, and that he tries to be a good boy. I just don't get how he has so much stinkin' energy! He will go, go, go all day long and never show any signs of tiring out. I wish I could find that kind of energy. I guess this is just another realization that he's not so little anymore and I have to let him grow up. The question is if we give up naps, what do we do all day, because he is so bored? This is a kid who always wants to be on the go and doesn't like to stay home and play with his own toys. Crazy I know but it is a struggle everyday to get him to play. Sometime he will just sit in his room and stare at things rather than play. I think it's a stubborn thing which we all know he inherited a lot of...from his dad!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine

I can't believe it's already February I don't even know where January went. Well I do love this month and I'm grateful to be spending it with my sweetheart. We decided not to do anything too big this year, in fact I don't even think we are going out to dinner. A. because we haven't gotten a babysitter and let's face it who would we ask anyway? and B. because I think it will be fun to stay home and cook for my hubby. So that's what I'm going to do. I already know what I'm making for the main course, but if anyone has any easy and fun ideas for a dessert please let me know. Kev is not to picky he pretty much eats anything that is considered a sweet! I hope it ends up being fun and I hope you all enjoy spending time with your Valentine. Don't forget to tell them how much you love them!