Friday, August 20, 2010

as promised...the babies room

As promised...the babies room is almost complete so here are some photo's of the progress. I don't think the pictures do it have to see it in person. The only thing left is sanding down the rocking chair and painting that white as well. I am leaving that project up to Kevin so who knows when it will be ready. I also have a shelf that I'm going to paint lime green and hang above the changing table.

A close up of the crib skirt...I even made little pleats across the front. I am so excited with how it turned out.
I love the colors even though Kev thinks they are kind of girly. And I do have to say I am impressed with all the sewing, I'm not really that good at sewing and surprisingly I didn't run into any problems while doing all these projects. Not that I'm a pro or anything now, but I feel a little more confident in my sewing abilities.

Now all we do is wait...7 weeks to go unless he decides to come early like Tyler did, which would be ok. My last day of work is next week and after that I'm good to go.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

32 Weeks...

I decided to be brave and take some maternity photos. Thanks to my friend Jen for taking the time to do them, and to edit them. I think they turned out great...despite the fact that it's me in the pics. It was a rare occasion that Ty wanted to be photographed and we got some cute ones with him in them too. I love when he is so sweet and cuddly, and that he loves his little brother so much already! I really can't believe how fast this pregnancy has went, I only have 8 weeks left. That just seems crazy! I really have enjoyed it and I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring another little life into this world.

I have been working like crazy on the babies room, so I will post pictures soon of the progress...I absolutely love how it had turned out.