Friday, August 20, 2010

as promised...the babies room

As promised...the babies room is almost complete so here are some photo's of the progress. I don't think the pictures do it have to see it in person. The only thing left is sanding down the rocking chair and painting that white as well. I am leaving that project up to Kevin so who knows when it will be ready. I also have a shelf that I'm going to paint lime green and hang above the changing table.

A close up of the crib skirt...I even made little pleats across the front. I am so excited with how it turned out.
I love the colors even though Kev thinks they are kind of girly. And I do have to say I am impressed with all the sewing, I'm not really that good at sewing and surprisingly I didn't run into any problems while doing all these projects. Not that I'm a pro or anything now, but I feel a little more confident in my sewing abilities.

Now all we do is wait...7 weeks to go unless he decides to come early like Tyler did, which would be ok. My last day of work is next week and after that I'm good to go.


Holly said...

Super cute Meg! I can't wait to see it in person! Your pleats are amazing!

Jamie said...

SO cute! I can't believe you made that bedding. It looks so professional. Love the material and colors.

Ellen said...

I think it looks super cute!

Josh and Brittany said...

I didnt know you had a blog! I will add you!

I think the bedding so so cute and I love the colors!

The Viehweg's said...

Megan, this is so cute!! I can't believe you did this! I didn't even attempt sewing my own. I had my mom do it. Love the room!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE this! Nice work- that's awesome! I'm so excited to see it in person. I'm so sorry I have been a busy wreck lately. Sheesh!

lisa louise said...

OH MY HECK... I LOVE IT!! you did such an awesome job!!!! what talented friends i have. ;)
i also LOVE the maternity pics. i'm glad i got mine done, i was iffy about it too for a while. ;)

Gina Louise said...

this room is so stinkin' cute it makes me sick.


good work.