Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Spring

Can I just say that I am so glad we finally have warm weather. We have been aching to get outside, but the days that are good are so few and far between. So I'm glad Easter Sunday was warm, and beautiful. It made for a fun day of hunting eggs and spending time with family. Ty really liked finding eggs but I think he liked the candy inside more than anything. We also found a new food he likes...deviled eggs. This is the first time he's ever attempted eating eggs. I love Spring for many a reasons one the warm weather, two the reason we celebrate Easter, and three because we have a chance to hear from the wonderful prophet and apostles of our church. General Conference was special this year, although I didn't hear every session I'm grateful that you can download them and listen again, we have been doing this at night after Ty is in bed. I love the spirit that it brings into my home and for the renewed strength it has given me during this trying time in my life.

Other activities this spring thus far...

Playing at Hoggan Park with cousins and having a picnic. Riding bikes around the block with daddy and Sunday night walks in the wagon.

We had a chance to go see Wicked with my family and it was amazing. Kev even enjoyed it and he isn't into plays or musicals at all, but it was fun to have him go. He did think it was a little corny but oh well, the cast was amazing, Elphaba was my favorite and she has some real talent.