Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Aders

Why does time always seem to go by so fast when you don't want it to? My little guy is already six weeks old and is starting to chub up big time. Despite the fact that he has acid reflux and spits up all the time he is still managing to gain weight. He is starting to smile more and I think it just might be more than just gas :) We enjoy him so much and thank our Heavenly Father everyday for finally sending him to us. We love you little man!


Monday, November 8, 2010

National Adoption Month

November is national adoption month and we are trying to help get the word out. My friend and her husband had been trying to add to their family for over 5 years and have been unsuccessful, 3 years ago they decided that adoption was the best route for them. They still have not been able to add to their family and we all hope that this will be their year. They are such sweet people and totally deserve a little spirit in their home. Please check our their blog and help spread the word for them and anyone you may know that is also trying to adopt. Adoption is such a wonderful thing and I have personally seen many miracles in my own family through the act of adoption. Struggling with infertility myself and having to consider adoption I know that this truly can be a miracle and I hope that those families out there that are praying for a way to have children will look into this amazing opportunity. I have siblings of my own that are adopted and I know that our family would not be complete without them. I commend all birth mothers out their who are able to place their children with other people who so desperately want children of their own but are unable to have them. We continue to pray for you Britt and Morgan and hope that this will be your year! You guys will be such great parents!