Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten things I love...

In no particular order I just felt like listing things that make me happy.

1. Sleeping in until 8:00 in the morning, it's the greatest feeling to wake up refreshed.

2. My daily reminder of love from my little boy, he becomes sweeter by the day, but don't let him fool you because he becomes smarter as well.

3. Helping others..we did a service project and helped someone out with yard work. I really hate yard work but it felt good that she was so appreciative.

4. When Tyler takes a looong nap (which in my case is only about 2.5 hours) but it really helps with the sanity.

5. When Tyler wants to cuddle with me and whisper in my ear. It's so good to be reminded how much I love him and I'm so grateful to be a mom.

6. To Lay out in the sun and pretend that I can get a tan on my pitifully white legs.

7. When My husband tells me how much he loves me. I found a letter the other day that he gave me for our anniversary, and I almost cried because it was so sweet.

8. To hold newborn babies and be reminded of how perfect and innocent they are, and the sweet spirit they bring to this world.

9. When the house is cleaned, the laundry is done, Tyler's in bed, and my husband is occupied so I can curl up and read a good book. I am really trying to find time to read "The Host", so nobody give it away.

10. Reading other people's blogs, and finding out that their lives are a lot more entertaining than ours.

Finally settled...Temporarily

I know some of you have been wondering if we dropped off the face of the earth! Well we haven't, I just didn't think it would take us this long to get settled at Kev's parents. Life has been extremely busy, with it being summer and living in a house where grandchildren stop by everyday, and going to meetings almost every week in preparation for our house. I guess that's what happens when it's summer and when you have a big family. But we are enjoying ourselves, Tyler especially he loves seeing his cousins constantly, and usually gets a little concerned when they haven't stopped by. We love our family and are so grateful for their hospitality.

I'm sure it will still be pretty busy for the rest of the summer, but that will be good because hopefully I won't have time to think about not having my own house. On the bright side at least I don't have as much house work.

On a side note we have been enjoying the hot weather..we have been swimming 3 times and next week Tyler starts swimming lessons. I know it's a little later than everyone else, but what do you do? He is so excited..he asks me everyday, "I go swimmin' today, Mom?" Some days he just melts my heart how sweet he is. I love him to pieces! We have also spent almost everyday outside, whether it's going to the park or just helping Grandma water the garden..Tyler just can't seem to get enough of outside. We also went to the Bees game a week or so ago, with Devin, Erin, Nate and his date . Of course we were the only one with a kid, ( come on you guys, you need to get married) and he was not cooperative at all, he kept saying all night "I want to go home". At least until the fireworks came on and then he was glued to the sky for the reminder of the time. It was a pretty good firework show, I can't wait until the 4th of the July, I love fireworks.