Monday, June 29, 2009

LM Wedding

Just a little shout out to my Best Friend Megan and her new Husband Levi. They finally tied the knot on June 19, 2009. I am so happy for them, the wedding was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was the only day that whole week that it didn't rain, lucky for them. It was a beautiful wedding, very short and sweet and they did it in her parents backyard. What a fun day I'm so glad we were able to share this special day with them. Of course I had my camera and was shooting pictures the whole are a few of the ones I got. I hope you enjoy them Meg.

Levi was super nervous and his hands were shaking the whole time, but what a special moment.

Megan just couldn't stop smiling the whole night, and she looked amazing

This was supposed to be a shot of all the girls showing some legs, but no one really did so it was pretty much just Megan showing her leg...very sexy Meg.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've never really been a big fan of rain, I'm always too concerned about my hair or something. I think it's just one of those things as you get older you lose that sense of adventure. We don't have as much time to just play and be free. But as I've watched my little boy the past few days get so excited about the rain, I thought to myself...I'm actually enjoying the rain. It's fun to play and splash in the puddles, which is exactly what Ty has been doing. And it just brings a smile to my face that he is having so much fun, with something that I normally would be annoyed about. So I'm taking on a new perspective of the rain and I'm going to enjoy it while it's here, because let's face it, at least it's not 90+ outside.

I am also so happy about the cute little raincoat and rain boots that he has on. We went to the Outlets in Park City a few weeks ago, and found these on a steal at Children's Place (my favorite kids store) they were normally $29.50 each. Well I picked up these bad boys for $ .99 jacket, and $4.00 boots!! You can't beat that, plus I bought 6 more for my nieces and nephews. I just love when I get a good deal on clothing and attire for the little ones, especially when they grow out of it so quickly. So ode to Children's Place and the rain for making this week all worth it.

And I also wanted to give a little shout out to my friend Lindsay for all her Photography advice, you can check her out here and here. I don't really have any skills of Photography nor do I know what I'm doing half of the time, but thanks to her tips on her blog. I was able to capture Ty playing in the rain, not worrying about posing or getting the right angle, but just snapping photos, and this was the result. I absolutely love how it turned out, and the best part was I wasn't even trying to get a great pic. So thanks Lind's you are amazing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time to catch up

No I haven't forgotten about my lonely old blog...I just haven't really had much to write about plus now the weather is warm we have been busy with other things. Mostly fun but some not so fun.

Memorial Weekend...

We went camping with some friends and had a great time, despite all the rain. The weekend was anything but what we had planned, but we made the best of it. We went down to Green River to go River rafting all weekend, but because of all the rain and flash floods we couldn't even get near the river. So we found a nearby campsite and stayed for 3 days in the rain. On Monday it finally cleared up enough that we got to go down the river, my first time ever river rafting. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and thanks to those who stayed back and watched the kids. All in all it was a great weekend and we hope to do it again sometime without the rain.

Yard Work...

The worst part about this is it wasn't even our yard. Kev's parents decided to finally put sprinklers in their back yard...what a project when you already have sod down. So went spent all day Saturday and then back on Monday getting it done. The sprinkler system itself wasn't so bad, it was the clean up afterwords trying to get the grass back in the right places. On the bright side it does make me want to put in our backyard this year, but that requires money...and who has that? So we settled for fixing up the front yard a bit. We took out all the bark that the builders put in, then added top soil and tilled it in with the clay, then added more top soil. The we planted a few shrubs and flowers, and hopefully by the end of the summer it will look more full, and next year we will have something to add to.

Other events and happenings...

We haven't been up to much else just trying to enjoy the summer and have a good time while we can. We have a lot of things coming up this fall which we are excited for. Tyler is going to play soccer which he absolutely can't wait for. He has been bugging me for a year about it. He had already informed me that Callie (his cousin) is going to teach him how to play. I am excited to see what he will actually do on the field, it should be entertaining anyway. He also starts pre-school another thing he can't wait for. It's only 2 days a week for 2 hours a day, but that should free up some more of my time for studying. Which brings me to my last thing...I have decided to go back to school. I'm a little hesitant about it but also way excited. I'm going to go to SLCC to finish my pre-recs for the nursing program. Of course the program has a 2 year waiting list, so it will be a long process but I figure why not start. These were not my original plans for life, but sometimes the Lord has a different way of doing things than we expected, and I just have to rely on him that he will see me through this. I thought for sure by now we would be having another child, after all Tyler is 3 1/2 and isn't it a rule or something in Utah that you have your kids 2 years apart?? For now I will go back to school and try to keep my mind occupied and when the time is right hopefully we will be blessed with more children. So a lot going on and a lot of changes coming up, so wish us luck as we embark on this new journey in life.

P.S. I will try to keep you updated more often, but really our life isn't that entertaining.