Friday, November 30, 2007

California Pizza Kitchen

So I have a best friend named Megan, yes it was very confusing growing up but we were always together so people just started calling us the Megan's. It was her birthday this month so a bunch of us got together and went to dinner. Of course we were the only ones that have a child so needless to say Tyler was the center of attention, and loving every minute of it. There was a football game on the TV there but you couldn't see it from where we were sitting, so one of us had to keep taking Tyler over to see football because he wouldn't stop asking about it. It was a lot of fun and it was good to be able to see old friends, I hope you had a good birthday Meg.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Gateway

Last Friday night we decided to go to the Gateway with the Catenzaro's. They had a little piano concert and the were lighting up the trees. We met Kevin there since he works at the end of Gateway and he doesn't get off until 7pm. It was a little chilly so we had to bundle up, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. After we listened to the concert for a few minutes Gina'a craving for carmel apples got the better of her so we walked all the way to the other end to get one. It was so beautiful with all the lights, this is one of the only reason I enjoy going outside in the cold. But it is always a must to come home and drink hot chocolate!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Grateful for...

So Thanksgiving came and went and it was a very enjoyable day. We spent the day with my family this year. And I just wanted to reflect a little how grateful I am for family. Kevin is an amazing husband and works very hard to provide for us, as well as going to school he is very busy and I appreciate all he does. Tyler is a very cute little boy and I couldn't be more happy to be a mom. He keeps me going every day and he makes me remember how important life is, I love them both so much.

I also wanted to express my gratitude for my Mother. We recently had an experience where we thought my mom might have breast cancer. It was very scary and a little too close to home, as my Grandmother died just last December from cancer. It turns out that my mother doesn't have cancer. But it did make us think how precious life is and how much we need her around. She is an amazing woman, she is always looking out for others and putting them before herself. She loves her grandchildren more than life and spoils them like crazy. But most importantly she is my mom and I couldn't do it without her. She has been there for me through the ups and downs and has stood by my side through all my decisions. I love you mom and I'm eternally grateful for you being around. Also to my dad who works very hard and cares for all of us so much. I love you too Dad, thanks for being a good father and example to me.

I'm also grateful for my extended family and for Kevin's family they have welcomed me in like their own. It is nice to know how blessed we are and to have so many people so close who love and care about us.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My New Camera!!

I finally got a new camera and I am so excited I can't even stand it. Ok so it's suppose to be for Christmas but since we are going on our cruise in just a couple of weeks (can you believe it Gina?) we decided to get it a little early. Especially since I need to figure out the features and how it all works before we go. So I have been playing with it non-stop and got some really cute candid moments of Tyler. I would've never been able to get with our old camera since it takes forever to take a picture! He was playing with his tools and trying to fix the ottman. What a good little boy.

I also caught him with the xbox controller ready to play xbox sitting in the exact same position as daddy does.

Here are a few more shots with him in his Christmas outift we were bored one night while daddy was at school so we took pictures. He looked so stinkin' handsome I couldn't resist. Although these were with the old camera so it was a lot harder. But these were my two favorite poses.

Sunday Night Football!

Well Kevin did it...Tyler is officially obsessed with fact he calls every sport with a ball football. We were at church yesterday and he kept yelling football because he could see the basketball hoops in the gym. Silly boy! He loves to play football with dad and he gets down and says "hike" then he throws it even if you're not paying attention. The other night I was trying to put him to bed and Kev was watching a game and Tyler kept crying and saying "football-daddy" I know it's cute but I still made him go to bed. Here are some pictures of him playing football at Grandma Teresa's last night. And don't mind the whiskers on his face Grandma did that.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I've been Tagged!

My deep dark secrets...hope you enjoy!

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SEVEN random facts about ME:

1. I have been married for 4 1/2 years and am loving every minute of it, life became even better when our little guy came along. We enjoy spending time just the three of us.

2. Kevin and I met Country dancing at Trolley Square, he will leave out the country part because he doesn't want any one to know that he secretly loves country music! Of course we haven't been dancing since we got married...but it was a lot of fun when we were dating. I cherish those moments.

3. Some people would say I'm a "Neat Freak", I have to have my house clean especially when I know people are coming over. I am constantly straightening up and my favorite thing of all is to organize, I can't wait until I have a house with my own scrapbook room, it will probably be moved around at least once a week. But I am not a fan of deep cleaning so don't look too closely if you come over to my house.

4. I go shopping! Well if you count Target and Old Navy (and Costco) as shopping, because that's about the extent of it but I am there at least once a week. Tyler always wants to go bye bye so we run errands a lot.

5. I am obsessed with taking pictures (if you haven't noticed). I always considered going into photography but never got around to it, my passion for the medical field kind of took over. But I love to do photo shoots with Tyler, he doesn't always love it, but I just can't help how handsome he is.

6. I am so NOT a morning person...Tyler is my alarm clock and even then he doesn't always work. Luckily he sleeps pretty good, but I just can't get myself out of bed in the mornings. And I require so much sleep I get at least 8 hrs. and I'm still usually tired.

7. I absolutely hate winter time...only because of the snow. I love the holidays and being with family and I love the smells of Christmas, especially when we make homemade Christmas candy. But my favorite thing to do in the winter is cuddle up by the fire with a book and hot chocolate.

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